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We said "yes" to having dairy goats in 2018. We started with two Nigerian Dwarf does and two wethers. Cameron was involved in 4-H and wanted to show a livestock animal so she picked dairy goats. That year we went to our first-ever ADGA show in Salem and our does, Gertie and Audrey, placed first and second in their class. Cameron knew from then on that this was the animal she wanted to show. Our passion for dairy goats started!


The only thing we were missing was a farm name. We got our cat named Rocky in 2014. He has lived as an outdoor cat in four different locations and is still thriving. Rocky is the first animal we got in Oregon, we knew that he had to be included in our farm name. 'Rockin' in our farm name stands for Rocky and this is why our name is special to us.



We live on a two-acre hobby farm in Salem, Oregon. We moved from Southern California in 2014 to buy land for farm animals and horses. Our property is surrounded with Christmas trees.


Our family has a three-year-old black lab named Luna along with a pig in the springtime. Every year we raise a pig to then auction off at our county fair. We have had pigs for five years now and love them! Of course, we also have Rocky.

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