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DOB: 06/14/2020

ADGA: PD2147264P

Briarwood DG DG BR Gingerbread 2*M (pending)

Barn Name: Ginger

Sire: Briarwood DG AR Buckaroo Polled
SS: CH Gladdie Acres Giorgio Armani VEE 90 Polled
SSS: Gladdie Acres MTB Cash Cow VVV 87
SSD: Gladdie Acres MTB Miss Dior
SD: Pippin Hill SS Precious Jewel VEVE 88
SDS: Castle Rock Sunset EEE 91
SDD: Pippin Hill MB My Pearl +VV+ 85
Dam: SG Pippin Hill FC Pointsetta 1*M VEEE 90
DS: Buttin'Heads Father Christmas +B AEE 82
DSS: GCH Buttin'Heads MOH Rising Son 
DSD: GCH Buttin'Heads Black Iredsh Rose VEEE 90
DD: Sage-Acres CH Alyssum Lace ++V+ 83
DDS: Old Mountain Farm Vinalhaven VVV 86
DDD: SG Blythmoor GC Hyacinth ++EV 84
2022 NWODGA: 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 1st in a 20+ class along with Best Udder
2022 Barn in the USA: 7th in a 20+ class
2022 4-H State Fair: 1st in her class
2022 Oregon State Fair: 1st in a 10+ class, Best Youth Senior Doe
2023 NWODGA: 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st in a 30+ class Reserve Champion 90+ Senior Nigerian Dwarf Goats
2023 Barn in the USA: 4th, 3rd, 4th in a 20+ class
2023 4-H State Fair: 1st in her class
2023 Grants Pass: 1st in her class, Best Udder Overall, Reserve Champion
Linear Appraisal
2022 (FF): +V+V 85
2023 (2F): VVVE 88
Kidding History
2022 (Triplets):  1 doe, 2 bucks
Bred To: Pippin Hill CC Orion's Belt
23 (Twins): 2 does Lemi & Liv
Bred To: CUatLilRedBarn Hoke

2024: -----
Bred To: Wolfivan Tookin For Trouble
2023 2nd Freshening
2022 1st Freshening
2021 Dry Yearling

Photo Credit to Briarwood

Sire: Briarwood DG AR Buckaroo Polled

Photo Credit to Briarwood

Dam: SG Pippin Hill FC Pointsetta 1*M VEEE 90

Photo Credit to Pippin Hill

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